Project Description

Aktun Ha (Carwash) was one of the first cenotes in the area to be explored due to its easy access. It’s located just 15min outside of Tulum on the road to Coba. Its Mayan name means “cave water” and the nick name “carwash” reuslted from the fact that taxi drivers a long time ago used its proximity to the main road to utilize it to wash their cars. In the summer month it usually has an algae bloom on the surface which goes down to about 1-2m/ 3-6ft. The sunlight will then change in color underneath that layer to a nice yellow green tint. It’s a beautiful cenote for swimmers and divers alike. It has no permanent cavern line attached so your guide will lay one during the dive with his or her primary reel. It is connected to several other cenotes as well and therefore a fantastic cave dive as well.

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